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"The quest for the not
archaeology, it's a race against evil."

Dr. Henry Jones, Sr. is a highly respected college professor who's
been obsessed with finding the Holy Grail for nearly fifty years. All
of Henry's important Grail findings were recorded in a small diary,
which the Nazis desperately want. While attempting to distance his
diary from the Germans, Henry is reunited with his estranged son.
Together they race to foil Hitler's maniacal plans, and Henry is
ultimately saved by his life's pursuit, the Cup of Christ.

The role of Indy's father, "Professor Henry Jones, Sr.", fittingly
went to the original 'James Bond', Sean Connery, despite being
only twelve years Harrison Ford's senior. After finding success
with the 'Bond' films, Sean went on to build an impressive career.
In 1987 he received an Oscar for his role in "The Untouchables",
opposite Kevin Costner. Connery joined Costner again in 1991's
"Robin Hood", playing King Richard the Lionhearted. For his
cameo Sean was paid $250,000, which he donated to charity.

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