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"You call him Dr. Jones, Doll!"

Short Round is Indy's tenacious young sidekick. He was
orphaned when the Japenese bombed Shanghai, and was later
caught by Indy in the act of picking his pocket. Short Round, or
"Shorty", looks up to Indiana Jones and tries to protect him when
he's in over his head. Although he's just a kid, Shorty can hold
his own when faced with adult-sized problems. He's very clever
and has saved Indy's life on more than one occasion.

"Short Round" was played by newcomer Ke Huy Quan. Without
any acting experience, Ke beat out hundreds of child actors vying
for the coveted role of Indiana Jones' sidekick. Steven Spielberg was
very impressed with Ke's professionalism and said, "He was like this
11...12-year-old kid going on...38". After "The Temple of Doom", Ke
went on to star with some of the biggest young actors of the '80s in
"The Goonies", which was advertised as being "like Indiana Jones
for kids". In the early '90s Ke briefly appeared on TV's "Head of
the Class" and had a small role in "Encino Man". Recently
Ke was one of the stunt coordinators for "The X-Men".

Shorty's Hat (1922 New York Giants)