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"Do you have anything simple, like soup?"
Wilhelmina "Willie" Scott was a lounge singer at Lao Che's Club
Obi Wan, until a chance meeting with Indiana Jones led her on an
adventure into the depths of an ancient evil. Willie is out of her element
in the jungle and would rather be sipping champagne with high society, than
riding elephants and eating bugs. Her days with Indy and Short Round are
spent rafting the rapids, crawling through insects, and being offered
as a human sacrifice, not exactly her idea of a swell time.

"Willie Scott" was played by Kate Capshaw, who was relatively unknown
at the time. Kate landed the role after Spielberg and Lucas auditioned 120
other actresses, including Sharon Stone. Because the female lead in the first
film was dark-haired, Lucas requested that the naturally brunette Capshaw
bleach her hair blonde. Kate went on to star in a handful of other movies in
the '80s, like "SpaceCamp" and "Black Rain". In 1995 she starred opposite
fellow Indy alumn, Sean Connery, in "Just Cause". Kate has six children,
five with husband Steven Spielberg, whom she married in 1991.

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