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This page was created in response to ovi111's harsh and inaccurate feedback left for me on eBay.

Below are the e-mails sent by myself(knyght) and the seller(ovi111) regarding the above
eBay auction. This particular transaction took a total of 40 days from auction end to item arrival.
Let it be known that I have received 51 other items via eBay, most of which arrived within a week,
none of which took longer than two. If you check the rest of my feedback you'll see that I've
gotten nothing short of great reviews from all other sellers.

I was the only bidder on this auction which ended just before 9:00pmCT on Thursday, January 11th. I sent payment the following day and didn't receive the item until February 20th.

Over the course of the 40 days I sent many e-mails, a lot of which were never replied to.

In the feedback left for me by ovi111 I was called "extremely rude" and an "UNPLEASANT PERSON to deal with".

I invite you to scroll down and read exact copies of the e-mails sent by myself and ovi111. Pay very close attention to the dates of each message and see if I really AM a "very rude and demanding individual".

To me, wanting what you paid for hardly seems demanding.



You're the winner of Ebay Auction #1402451337.  

             Bid: $1.99 
Shipping in U.S.: 2.50 (via US Mail)
           Total: $4.49
If you have won multiple items, your shipping has already been discounted.
If you are the current high bidder on other auctions, please let me know and I
will hold this purchase for you to consolidate once you have won the others.

(Generic Payment/Shipping Info)

We will email confirmation that your payment has been received, including shipping

Thank you in advance for your prompt payment and your courteous emails..we 
appreciate great customers like you!



Thanks for your prompt e-mail regarding the "Indiana Jones Calendar" from E-Bay. I
will be sending you a Money Order for $4.49 today, Friday, January 12th.



I was the high bidder on your Ebay Auction #1402451337, which was an Indiana Jones
Calendar. The auction ended on Thursday the 11th, and I mailed you a money order for
$4.49 on Friday the 12th. According to your prior e-mail a confirmation
e-mail was promised upon your receiving my payment. Well it's now Tuesday the 23rd,
and I've yet to receive the calendar OR any confirmation that you received my payment.
Please let me know what is going on.

Thank you,



I e-mailed you on Tuesday the 23rd in an attempt to find out
the status of my eBay item. I was the high bidder for an "Indiana Jones"
Calendar(Ebay Auction #1402451337) and I sent you a money order on
Friday the 12th. As I stated before I never got a confirmation e-mail
from you letting me know you got my payment. Plus I never got a reply to
my e-mail on the 23rd. I would very much like to know where my calendar
is. Outside of e-mailing you asking about it I can't really do much
other than contacting EBAY itself. It is now Thursday, January 25th.
There should be no reason why my calendar is not here yet, and it's
absolutely impossible that my payment has not gotten to you yet.

Thank you,


Hi knyght,

If you have looked at my feedback you will see that I am a PowerSeller and I
have over 900 satisfied customers.  Please rest assured you are not being
swindled!  :}

I receive hundreds of emails every day and sometimes it takes a day or two
for me to answer all of them.  As I emailed you earlier, it is indeed
possible that your money order didn't arrive, because I don't have it.
Please do not be so hasty to jump to conclusions and to start contacting
eBay as there is nothing they can do about a payment that has not arrived.

As I said, please give it a few more days and if I have not received it, I
will be contacting you.




I received your payment for eBay Item #1402451337 
"movie INDIANA JONES 1985 CALENDAR" ...Thank You! 

Shipments via US Postal Service are picked up once a week by a postal 
representative. Shipments via UPS are taken twice a week to a drop off center. 

I will email you once your shipment is on it's way. 

Have a great day! 



"movie INDIANA JONES 1985 CALENDAR" eBay Item #1402451337 

Should I give up? I mailed you the payment for the calendar on January 12th.
I e-mailed you twice regarding the calendar's whereabouts, only to be told the
payment hadn't arrived yet. You e-mailed me on Tuesday, January 30th, upon
the payment's "arrival". In the e-mail you informed me that you mail items out
once a week, via the Postal Service, and twice a week via UPS. You also
said you'd e-mail me when my item was finally mailed. Well now it's Wednesday,
February 7th, more than a week since your last e-mail, and I have yet to be told
my item is on its way. Has my calendar even been mailed yet? We're fast approaching
a month since my payment was mailed. I've received items numerous times through
eBay, and none have taken longer than two weeks. I'd like to hear your explanation. 



Hello knyght, 

Regarding your email, the calendar is ready to ship tomorrow.  Our computer 
crashed last week and I have had to go back through all my mail and manually 
prepare shipping so it has taken me much longer than usual. 

I am sorry your payment didn't arrive in timely fashion due to the postal 
service, however I am sure you can understand I have no control over the 
speed of their service. 

If you are unhappy with this transaction, and are becoming impatient, as it 
sounds as if you are,  I will be more than happy to refund your money rather 
than shipping the item. 

Please let me know your wishes. 



PS please reply to the (original e-mail address), rather than my 
friend's aol address.


eBay End of Auction - Item # 1402451337 (movie INDIANA JONES 1985 CALENDAR)

Go ahead and ship the calendar. But I wonder if you'll even get this message if
your computer is still down.



eBay Item # 1402451337 (movie INDIANA JONES 1985 CALENDAR)

Just e-mailing you to make sure you shipped my calendar today, as per
your last e-mail. I e-mailed you yesterday giving you the
go-ahead to ship it. I just wanted to double check that you
got my message. Please let me know.


02-15-01: Sent to BOTH e-mail addresses used by ovi111

eBay Item # 1402451337 (movie INDIANA JONES 1985 CALENDAR)

This message is for "ovi111" as they're known on eBay. I'm
sending this message to both e-mail address because I'm not getting any
response from the (original e-mail address).

Have I just been dumped aside and forgotten? I mean are you ignoring me?
Okay, I mailed you my payment for the "INDIANA JONES 1985 CALENDAR" on
JAN. 12th. Regardless of your claims of slow postal service, you told me
you had my payment in your hands on JAN. 30th, that was 17 days ago, so
I SHOULD HAVE my calendar. Now I understand your computer "crashed"
recently, but what has that got to do with putting a package in the
mail? You should have all the information you need in the letter that
accompanied my payment. I printed out eBay's "end of auction" e-mail and
included my address, so right there you have the eBay item number, item
description, payment, and address of purchaser. So I don't see any
reason why your crashed computer should delay this 35 day hassle any
Anyway, you e-mailed me using somebody else's e-mail address last Friday
FEB. 9th, claiming my calendar was ready to be shipped the
following day, "if I still wanted it". WELL I DO STILL WANT IT. You also
said to reply to your (original e-mail address), which I
did, TWICE, only to get NO RESPONSE. Have you shipped it? Does the
calendar even exist?



Here's your response: 

Your calendar shipped 

The item finally arrived to me on February 20th, 40 days after the payment was sent and 21 days after the seller allegedly received it.

When the item showed up I left ovi111 this feedback on eBay:

User: knyght (52)  Date: Feb-20-01 15:18:08 PST                 Item: 1402451337 


The seller responded to my comment with this:

Slow postal service is not in my control...very rude and demanding individual

And here is the feedback that the seller left for me:

User: ovi111 (787)   Date: Mar-14-01 12:28:08 PST               Item: 1402451337 

Extremely rude, demanding and impertinent..UNPLEASANT PERSON to deal with

After reading our e-mails you can see that ovi111's harsh feedback comments were totally uncalled for.

At no point did I become "extremely rude", "demanding" OR "impertinent". I simply wanted what I paid for and was not happy with vague e-mails containing excuse after excuse that were sent days apart, if at all.

If you look at the rest of ovi111's feedback you'll see that the slow service I received is NOT an isolated incident.

I thank you for taking the time to scan over this page. I figured displaying our actual e-mails would do more to debunk ovi111's outrageous comments than any response I could've squeezed into eBay's 80-letter window.