"Indy's next move is amazing, graceful, and fast. His right hand slides up
under the back of his leather jacket and emerges grasping the handle of a
neatly curled bullwhip. With the same fluid move that brings Indy's body
around to face the Peruvian, Indy uncoils the whip to its full ten-foot length.
It flashes out to knock the gun from Barranca's hand to the ground, where it
goes off. Barranca runs away while Satipo watches, shocked and frightened."

-from the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" screenplay
Indy's trademark bullwhip was used as both a tool and a weapon. This
invaluable piece of equipment could provide passage across a bottomless
pit, or could be used to disarm an enemy. The bullwhip that Indy used on
screen was supposedly created by
David Morgan, and is still available for purchase today. A very similar whip is being offered by Western Stage
(formerly Mark Allen Productions), for slightly less than the David
Morgan (whose price steadily increases), but is arguably just as good.

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