"Harrison Ford is making sure that generations to come will always remember 'Indiana Jones'. The actor recently donated his classic Stetson hat and battered leather jacket to the Smithsonian Institute."
- E! Entertainment Television

Because Indiana Jones was a swashbuckling archaeologist who never knew where his adventures may take him, he needed a versatile piece of outerwear that would stand up to all sorts of elements and situations. His choice would have to combat harsh desert sunlight and jungle underbrush. It would need be a breaker of wintry winds and it would have to be tough enough to protect his body, yet light enough to be comfortable year-round.

What he chose was a durably thin leather jacket with plain cuffs and a vented back for unrestricted movement. This jacket proved perfect for his action-packed lifestyle, and became a staple of his non-classroom appearance. When he donned the well-beaten jacket and fedora hat he became a different person, leaving the stuffy world of a college professor behind and entering one of travel and treasure and a good deal of risk.

The original movie jackets are believed to have been produced by what is now the Wested Leather Company. The design was reportedly based on one of their existing jackets, which was then altered numerous times until it met everyone's standards. Today, Wested offers the public what they call a "duplicate of the exact jacket" worn in the movies. These hand-made coats are available in many leather choices, and use your supplied measurements to create a custom fit.

Jacket Pictures | Wested Leather Co.